Why putting your spouse first is so important

Why putting your spouse first is so important What does it mean to put your spouse first? I am going to start this post with a very popular and powerful bible scripture, which will also be the f...Read More

The Top 5 marriage problems and how to resolve them

(PERSONAL STORY) What are the top 5 marriage problems Selfishness Selfishness affects marriage and manifests itself in many ways. It could be as big, as withholding love, sex, affection and o...Read More

Marriage Rules for Arguing

No bringing up the past A common theme or habit many couples do when arguing is bringing up past events or situations in the marriage as a form of pointing the finger or they may use a previous situat...Read More

How to prevent adultery and affairs in your marriage

Preventing affairs/adultery in your marriageĀ  Accountability for affairs is always on the spouse who commits the affair It absolutely goes without saying adultery could easily be the #1 reason for div...Read More