Are you struggling in your marriage or relationship? Endless arguing cycles, silent treatment for days?, finger pointing, feeling neglected and disrespected ?, lack of intimacy, communication problems, on the brink of divorce, seperation and or breaking up.

Caesar J Quick

Marriage Coaching Specialist


Latasha Johnson


I really loved the session. I felt that it addressed both of our challenges in a clear and concise manner with a clear path on how to begin the necessary work to change things. Prior to speaking with Caesar, I felt discouraged in my marriage,  but what really stood out was learning how to communicate with each other without constant arguing. Some key takeaways we got were knowing where to begin with healing in our relationship, choosing a different approach, being patient, and putting ourselves in each other's shoes.   I highly recommend their marriage coaching/counseling service to any couple seeking guidance for marital problems.

What you’ll get during this complimentary session (Free strategy call)

We'll look to assess you and your spouses, or partners toughest challenges, why you maybe experiencing them , and propose a roadmap for you to turn it all around.

What you’ll do before the call

Please fill out the brief marriage/relationship questionaire so we have an idea of how to help you

What happens during the call

We'll get basic information from you, hear a little about your challenges and give you some ideas on what to change improve etc

What changes after the call

We propose a roadmap/gameplan for you ,or you and your spouse/partner to move towards positive transformation and, if we are a good fit for you, to move forward with one of our marriage/pre-martial/relationship intensive coaching programs

About The Coach,
(Caesar J. Quick)

Caesar joined here, by his lovely wife Lorena, is the founder and creator of Christian marriage university and has over 20 years of marriage experience, has been coaching couples privately  for last 10 years and uses a unique approach with a biblical foundation to help spouses make breakthroughs with their most difficult challenges . Caesar also has a deep passion for  engaged and unmarried couples , serious about taking the next steps, with their partner, to properly prepare for marriage .

 Complimentary marriage & relationship coaching sessions now available for a limited time

                   Why you need to invest in marriage and pre-marital resources

I truly believe that 90% of marriage problems comes not so much from incompatibility,  even though that plays a part, but from what we are not taught and by not having the proper tools, resources and strategies for navigating marriage ,and from things like selfishness, pride and waiting until one or more spouses/partners has checked out of their marriage/relationship before wanting to save it. That’s why its absolutely imperative that you and your spouse/partner be willing to invest in your most important relationship that is your marriage !. 

If your engaged or in an committed relationship considering marriage, its equally important that you and your partner get proper pre marital coaching/counseling so you can know what to expect and be prepared to navigate the different challenges and expectations that come with marriage. 

  • Discover and identify top areas & weaknesses where you, and your spouse can improve
  • Eliminate your biggest fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs about how you view each other 
  • Learn new, more successful ways of communicating with each other 
  • Learn how to handle conflicts, arguments and disagreements in a healthy way 
  • Learn how to stop the blame game,  getting closure to problems and not bringing up past issues 
  • (Engaged/In a committed relationship) -  Learn how to properly prepare for marriage

Being willing to do the inner work on yourself , and for your marriage is where the biggest difference gets made in your relationship and your life, so we've decided to include one free marriage makeover coaching session if your not married , engaged and or single considering marriage you can chose the pre marital or relationship rescue strategy session .

Oluchi  Ejidike


"Prior to speaking with Caesar I felt very over-burdended and overwhelmed from issues going on in my marriage .This came at the right time and help me to be more open with challenges, I currently face in my marriage. I would definetly recommend them and any coaching from this site because he gives actionable steps and solutions. This really helped me to confront my fears with communicating certain things with my husband instead of running away from them. "


What helped us the most was being able to talk to each other calmly and hear each other while listening to the guidance given by this awesome resource. Conversations between us don't typically go smoothly but by utilizing the tips we are now seeing improvement.  Many times our issues just felt like they kept piling on and we had no clue how to handle it. What we were doing , just wasn't working. We still have a lot to work through, but now with a roadmap, we are more motivated to put in the necessary work to overcome our challenges.  I would highly recommend this service so much because he uses a lot of his own life experiences knowledge, and wisdom and that made it real for us, and that we both had valid concerns even if we didn't handle them all the right way 

What are you waiting for? Let’s Improve your marriage/relationship today!