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Why Marriage is not 50/50 but 100/100

Explaining the 50/50 theory when it comes to marriage 


In today’s society, the catchphrase it’s 50/50 when it comes to marriage has become a very popular and intriguing statement amongst millennials and this generation in general. The problem with this statement is that its not at all accurate, and it can set up a selfish and irresponsible mindset when it comes to how marriages should operate.

The Term 50/50 can usually imply one of two things, the first is that only a 50% effort is required from each spouse and then some people interpret it to simply mean it should be a 50/50 balance. Meaning their spouse’s efforts should match their efforts in the marriage. While I agree there should be some type of balance between both husbands and wives when it comes to maintaining every area of their marriage, what I want you as my reader to understand is that this balance won’t always be 50/50 or an even exchange.  It could look more like 80/20, 60/40, or even 90/10. Some days the husband could be carrying more of a load, have more responsibilities, and on others the wife could be doing more, feeling more of the brunt… This could happen if one is sick, becomes disabled, a spouse could lose their job,  have mental-emotional overwhelm for that day.

There could be a plethora of legitimate reasons, why one spouse may not feel like the other is pulling their weight, however, what’s important is that they are legit reasons and they are communicated properly between the spouses.  So the key takeaway is that the balance of effort can shift depending on the circumstances the spouses are going through. The main thing to focus on here is that one spouse does not always feel constantly overwhelmed and if one spouse becomes overwhelmed what solutions or compromises can be made.

Taking on the 100/100 mentality  when it comes to effort 

So.. we discussed the 50/50 theory and by now you should know as cliche or even as right as it may sound, it’s not practical and not something that I want you as a husband or wife to continue speaking or expecting,  simply because of a. It’s not realistic, and b. It won’t be effective to give only 50% effort or think they will always be a 50% balance.  Instead, both spouses need to put forth 100% effort.   Putting forth 100% effort simply means you are going to give you your spouse the best of you, or the best effort with whatever task, request, or activity they may need you for !.  Let me state that 100% doesn’t mean things will go perfect or it will be flawless. It simply means your spouse can count on you to give you full desire to wherever the need may be !.

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