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Hello and welcome to Christian Marriage University ,  my name is Caesar and this is my lovely wife Lorena.  We want to personally welcome you to the site, and share the goal, mission and vision that we have to help marriages using biblical and Christian principles.  We believe many marriages could be saved, restored and thriving , if couples had the proper resources, tools and strategies to apply.  Of course having the LORD JESUS CHRIST in your life is first and foremost the most important thing !.

However couples still need proper coaching, mentorship and guidance with applying biblical  application to marriage. That's where we come in :)

I'll share with you, my personal story below and how I got started with marriage/relationship coaching and training , and how we can help you. 

My Story

About 10 years ago , I was previously married to the woman , and mother of my only child, whom I thought would be my forever and the love of my life , we got married at the very young age of 23. I always knew in my heart I was a husband and wanted a family, my Christian faith was a major motivation for me settling down so early in life, that and I knew that I did not just want to be out there being a playboy type or having casual relationships. Unfortunately our marriage of 10 years was dissolved ,due to some extremely severe circumstances, and needless to say it was one of the most devastating and painful blows to me personally, emotionally and spiritually because of my deep beliefs in the covenant of marriage. In all of that , were some huge lessons that I learned, when it comes to being a husband and for those reasons, GOD showed me many other couples and people, who were experiencing hardships, divorce, and other challenges in their marriages who also believe in the sacredness of marriage. With 10+ years of marriage experience and coaching others, I have decided to put together resources at every stage, that will help you along your with your marriage. If your single and dating with your path to marriage and what you should expect.  If your divorced , with your path to possibly reconciling or being married again.

Story continued / What we do 

Fast forward to today, I am with the woman of my dreams utilizing what I know. I say all that, to say that I can relate to the many challenges you maybe going through in your marriage, or if you are divorced, single or have gone through many failed relationships, I can identify with the frustrations , complexities and challenges you face.  I am here to tell you marriage is one of the most beautiful rewarding GOD given gifts to mankind, but it is severely under attack , there's a huge lack of teaching, education and properly preparing our men and women in this generation for what marriage really requires , all of that plays a part in the demise of so many marriages today.  

What we do:  We provide marriage coaching services.   Coaching involves, identifying your challenging issues, areas, and problems, and helping you both come up with a plan to get you back on track and most importantly holding you both accountable to each other .  

So enough about me, I want to ask you, where you are in your marriage right now ?. What are you struggling with ?, what challenges are you having and how can we help ?. If your single in a relationship, do you see a path to marriage with them ?. If you're courting/engaged, what areas do you feel you both need to enhance, to prepare for marriage ?.  Head over to the contact us page here  Contact us for a complimentary marriage makeover session, for unmarried couples request a relationship rescue session 

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