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Hello and welcome to Christian Marriage University I am Caesar accompanied here by my lovely wife  Lorena, we are dedicated to helping you save restore and fine tune your marriage or if your engaged and preparing for marriage we have you covered on that as well.  You can learn more about us and our mission on the about us page located in the footer section below.  If you and your spouse or partner are experiencing struggle, turbulence, crisis in your marriage or relationship we have a few options you can connect with us and we can see if we are  a good fit to help you by accessing your unique challenges.  So the first step would be to reach out to us for a complimentary marriage makeover or relationship rescue session by using the pop up invite you saw when entering this page or utilizing the link provided below.  We also have our # 1 premium self help marriage course , which you can access that training using the link below for the master your marriage course.

To get the most out of our programs it will require you and your spouse or partner being willing to make the necessary commitment. I look forward to meeting you.

Premarital Coaching Membership
  • Premarital Core Curriculum
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Monthly marriage preparation calls
Marriage Coaching Membership
Per month
  • Marriage Mastery Curriculum
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Monthly Marriage Growth Exercises
Premarital learning courses
by course
  • Premarital Learning courses
  • How to date to marry
  • Preparing to become a spouse
  • What to look for in a potential spouse
Marriage Learning courses
by course
  • Marriage learning courses
  • Master your marriage (Available)
  • How to protect your marriage
  • 5 Steps to a phenomenal marriage
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Member Amenities
Christian marriage university welcomes you regardless of where your marriage might be there is always hope and we are here to serve you and give you the tools and resources you need to help bridge the gaps with your spouse or future spouse

Monthly Master Class

We’ll dive into topics, issues, problems marriages face on a daily basis

Monthly Question & Answer Sessions 

We’ll answer the tough questions and scenarios plaguing marriages today

Facebook Community 

Access to Private Facebook Community – you’ll get support from other like minded married couples,  husbands and wives aiming for a better marriage each day

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